About us

Amemur is a creative association of talented people. We have joined forces and implemented this project to please you with our unique products.

Amemur's team is a target for made exclusive products. Each of us is a professional in his field, so we complement each other. It helps us convey unique design solutions to you in the form of beautiful products that you can easily buy on our website. We will make sure that you receive the items you like as soon as possible.

Money back guarantee

We guarantee a refund for the product you don't like

Worldwide delivery

We deliver anywhere in the world

Quality assurance

Our products have a guarantee

Our team:

Photo of our designer Anastasia Komarova Designer Anastasia Komarova. For over 10 years, he has been manufacturing leather goods (bags, shoes, accessories). In 2008 she graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design. She took part in various competitions: Admiralty Needle (St. Petersburg), Fashion Assembly (Moscow), etc. Anastasia's TotalCode brand is presented on our website.
Photo of our artist Nataliya Rotova Artist Natalia Rotova. Paints interior paintings. You can buy these paintings in the author's gallery on our website.
Photo of our artist Kseniya Kolodko Artist Ksenia Kolodko. Creates designer resin coasters. You can find them in a separate section of the site.
Photo of our designer Vladislav Komarov Designer Vladislav Komarov. Produces unique leather wallets. We have exhibited his AvDesignStudio brand.
Photo of a web developer Yuriy Mamaev Web-developer Yuriy Mamaev. Amemur site author.