Resin stand "Emerald Chrysanthemum" front view Stand made of epoxy resin "Emerald Chrysanthemum" view at 45 degrees Resin stand "Emerald Chrysanthemum" with clock Resin stand "Emerald Chrysanthemum" with Elven tower The backside of the epoxy resin stand "Emerald Chrysanthemum" Epoxy stand "Emerald Chrysanthemum" in a box
Kseniya Kolodko

Stand Emerald Chrysanthemum

₽ 800.00 ₽ 700.00
Emerald epoxy stand

This epoxy resin stand gets its name from its beautiful emerald color and white chrysanthemum-like pattern. It will look great as a mug stand or jewelry.

The front of the stand has a protective coating against scratches and high temperatures.

By purchasing this resin stand from us, you will receive it in a beautiful box with a transparent window and colorful filler.

  • Product code emerald-chrysanthemum
  • Size 130.0x130.0 mm
  • Weight 74.6 g