Resin glass holder "Night sun" on the front side Stand made of epoxy resin "Night sun" view at 45 degrees Resin stand "Night sun" with chain Epoxy stand "Night sun" in a box
Kseniya Kolodko

Night sun

₽ 900.00 ₽ 700.00

Black epoxy resin stand

The center of the stand looks like the sun, but the surrounding background is as dark as night.

The front part of the stand is covered with a protective layer. This will allow you to keep its beautiful appearance when used as a stand for a hot mug.

In case of purchasing this unique epoxy stand, we will deliver it to you in a beautiful package filled with filling as in the last photo.

  • Product code night-sun
  • Size 130.0x130.0 mm
  • Weight 83.0 g