Nataliya Rotova

On the opposite shore

₽ 3,600.00 ₽ 3,150.00

A picture of the architecture of St. Petersburg along the Neva River. Tempera on paper

Plein air painting of St. Petersburg and the Neva River. The picture shows the pre-rain, but still sunny weather. The picture was painted in a free manner of writing, with expressive brush strokes. The young artist was inspired by the summer mood of St. Petersburg, when you can sit on the embankment and contemplate all this beauty and listen to the singing of the Neva. Suitable for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, summer kitchen, office.

  • Product code On the opposite shore
  • Medium Paper
  • Material Gouache
  • Subjects City
  • Style Городской пейзаж
  • Size Own, horizontal, 436.0x418.0 mm
  • Weight 38.0 g