Painting by contemporary artist Natalia Rotova "Copy of V.V. Kandinsky"
Nataliya Rotova

Painting Copy of V.V. Kandinsky

₽ 8,500.00 ₽ 8,400.00
Copy of the painting by V.V. Kandinsky
Copy of V.V. Kandinsky - Interior (my dining room) 1909. Natalia Rotova, as a contemporary artist, was inspired to write a copy by rendering color and shape. The work is bold and easy. Suitable for people who are open and bright. After placing an order, you will purchase a painting directly from the artist.
  • Product code 37-copy-of-the-painting-by-v-v-kandinsky
  • Medium Paper
  • Material Acrylic
  • Subjects Interior
  • Style Interior
  • Size Own, horizontal, 615.0x505.0 mm
  • Weight 65.3 g