Painting "Interior of the Academy of A. L. Stieglitz" by Natalia Rotova, contemporary artist
Nataliya Rotova

Painting Interior of the Academy of A. L. Stieglitz

₽ 6,500.00 ₽ 6,000.00

Depicts the interior of the academy

The painting was made from nature at the Academy. A. L. Stieglitz. These walls are steeped in creativity and creativity. Young talents come here, and worthy professionals come out, this is also about our artist, designer, Natalia. The work will look great in all rooms, but more preference for the living room. The painting is suitable for sophisticated natures who love the beauty of architecture.
  • Product code 22-interior-of-the-academy-of-a-l-stieglit
  • Medium Colored paper
  • Material Coal
  • Subjects Interior
  • Style Interior
  • Size Own, horizontal, 500.0x649.0 mm
  • Weight 68.2 g