Painting "Pink nuance" by Natalia Rotova, a contemporary artist
Nataliya Rotova

Painting Pink nuance

₽ 7,000.00 ₽ 6,720.00

Still life with various textures and textures

The still life was created by the contemporary artist Natalia Rotova. The task of this work was to transfer various materials. Calm colors of the picture, with a bright pink accent. A bit of a romantic work despite the objects depicted on it. This shows how you can convey the mood and meaning of a thing in different ways. Suitable for people who are calm and measured.

  • Product code 14-pink-nuance
  • Medium Paper
  • Material Tempera
  • Subjects Items
  • Style Still life
  • Size Own, horizontal, 748.0x588.0 mm
  • Weight 92.3 g