Painting by contemporary artist Natalia Rotova "Still life with the head of a horse"
Nataliya Rotova

Painting Still life with the head of a horse

₽ 12,000.00 ₽ 10,800.00

Stylized still life with a horse's head

The still life is made stylized, but with a color stretch to convey the play of shadow and light. Will look good in the living room or bedroom. The painting is in stock and available for purchase from the artist using our website. We will deliver it as soon as possible.

  • Product code still-life-with-the-head-of-a-horse
  • Medium Paper
  • Material Tempera
  • Subjects Items, Interior
  • Style Still life
  • Size Own, horizontal, 978.0x678.0 mm
  • Weight 140.0 g