Painting "View from the Griboyedov Canal" by Natalia Rotova, contemporary artist
Nataliya Rotova

Painting View from the Griboyedov Canal

₽ 2,500.00 ₽ 1,920.00
Painting with the famous view of St. Petersburg

Written by the contemporary artist Natalia Rotova. A graphic painting with a view of the Singer house and the Kazan Cathedral in the background. The artist worked with the silhouette of buildings. Lovers of St. Petersburg will be pleased with such a gift. Will look good in any of the rooms. Buy a painting directly from the artist using our website.

  • Product code 17-view-from-the-griboyedov-canal
  • Medium Colored paper
  • Material Felt-tip pen
  • Subjects City
  • Style Landscape
  • Size Own, horizontal, 259.0x300.0 mm
  • Weight 10.0 g