Painting by a contemporary artist "Yachts at Sunset"
Nataliya Rotova

Painting Yachts at sunset

₽ 4,000.00 ₽ 3,600.00

The picture is painted in tempera in the open air

The painting was made by the contemporary artist Natalia Rotova not far from Peterhof. Natalia tried to capture the moment and convey the colors. This is the beauty of plein air, colors are not distorted, as, for example, in a camera. The picture will fit well in the living room or bedroom. You can buy this work directly from the author and receive it as soon as possible.

  • Product code 1-yachts-at-sunset
  • Medium Paper
  • Material Tempera
  • Subjects Ships, Sea
  • Style Landscape
  • Size Own, horizontal, 408.0x298.0 mm
  • Weight 30.0 g